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Join us live for the Wednesday Morning Coffee Club, 9 to 11 AM Eastern, 6 to 8 AM pacific. Bill and Jenny Sparks, Dave and Criss Reighard, Jeff Bennett, Tim Aune and guests discuss current issues, cooking, books, new technologies, and product demos. Call in live to ask questions and share your knowledge.

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Recent Episodes

  • Coffee Club notes for may 22, 2024If you share an account with someone who uses your ID and password how do you keep them from changing location? When you have someone work in your home, how do you let them know what you expect? Would you hire a family member or friend?Talked about barbecue grills. Pit […]
  • Coffee Club Notes for May 15, 2024It was a Legend birthday party!In the coffee club segment, we talked about problems with the Zoomax E-reader.Country classic show will be expanding from 8:30 a.m. to noon with a top 30 countdown for each week.Walmart has a streaming box that gives you live TV and the Google Assistant.Chris […]
  • Coffee club notes for May 8, 2024Apple introduced the new iPad Pro with a retina display. You can put to together and produce audio and video. Lots of AI in the cameras.Mi TV toons is going to be a new streaming cartoon channel which streams classic cartoons from Warner Brothers and Hannah Barbarra.Sean Platt was […]
  • Coffee club notes for May 1, 2024We answered technology questions. Can you play mp3 files in a folder in Android? Yes, it should be easy to do that. How to use Sirius/XM on your iPhone. The app gives you access to the channels on XM.How to fix Thunderbird so it doesn't delete messages that I didn't […]
  • Coffee Club Notes for April 10, 2024When an app changes ownership, should your benefits change?Weatherology is a good app for getting warnings in iOS.Many people gave their impressions of the total eclipse.Chris gave a recipe for unstuffed peppers.

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