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Join us live for the Wednesday Morning Coffee Club, 9 to 11 AM Eastern, 6 to 8 AM pacific. Bill and Jenny Sparks, Dave and Criss Reighard, Jeff Bennett, Tim Aune and guests discuss current issues, cooking, books, new technologies, and product demos. Call in live to ask questions and share your knowledge.

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Recent Episodes

  • Coffee Club notes for June 26 2024Do you attend any of the conventions? Do you enjoy going virtually, or would you rather go in person?METV Toons carries older cartoons that are not aired on Boomerang or the Cartoon network.Customer Service number for Blind Shell 833-972-2020 press option 2 for customer service.Control insert F12 in Jaws […]
  • Coffee Club Notes for June 19, 2024Mike Lauf came to talk about the Apple event and what it means for the visually impaired. iOS 18 will have the ability to record phone calls and have a transcript of the call as well. Siri is supposed to learn about you and the things you do. Apple […]
  • Coffee Club Notes for June 12, 2024Stingray music is an iPhone music app from Canada.Discussed the highlights of iOS 18. lots of upgrades to Siri and artificial intelligence.Who is the begest Father influence in your life? Chris gave a recipe for Kentucky Bar cake.  
  • Coffee Club notes for June 5, 2024Are you going to one of the blindness conventions? Are you going in person or virtually?Copilot for Windows? What makes you want to pay for it?Roku TV what is it? Should you get one?Chris gave a recipe for Orange Sherbet Salad.
  • Coffee Club Notes for May 29, 2024What are your favorite restaurants?Medacube is a machine that dispenses medicine. It has speech and lets you know when it's time to take your medicine. It is made by Pharm-Adva LLC.telephone 844-606-3474 Full price $1,999.00 you can save up to $400.00  Chris gave a recipe for French Toast.

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